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7月 25, 2014

Founded in Paris on May 2009, WICI Europe is a Regional organisation of the WICI Global Network.

WICI Europe is an entity based in Frankfurt at the EFFAS seat.

Founding Members and signatories of the constitutive MoU are:

  • EFFAS  (European Federation of Financial Analysts‘ Societies)
  • University of Ferrara
  • Intellectual Assets Center of Glasgow (Agency of the Scottish Government)

WICI Europe is aiming at coordinating the WICI efforts in Europe

WICI Europe has participated in elaborating comments to the European Commission and the organisation of Conferences and Workshops.

Chairman of WICI Europe is Prof. Stefano Zambon (University of Ferrara)


In 2011 WICI France has been founded in strict collaboration with the “Observatoire de l’Immatériel” (Observatory on the Intangible) (www.observatoire-immateriel.com). The Head of WICI France is Mr. Philippe Desmartin, senior financial analyst at ODDO.

In 2012 WICI Italy has been set up, even though its operations had started informally already in 2010. The members of WICI Italy are national associations representing the various stakeholders involved  with corporate reporting (financial analysts, stock exchange, CFOs, auditors, academics, etc.). The Secretary General of WICI Italy is Prof. Stefano Zambon.

In 2014 WICI Germany has joined WICI Europe. Its members are essentially large corporations. The German Accounting Standards Board is an official observer. The leaders of WICI Germany are Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer (Erlangen-Nuremberg University) and Prof. Dr. Robert Obermaier (Passau University)

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