General Information
WICI Symposium 2018(11th Symposium)
“In the Age of SDGs,
Our Challenges to Exploit our Experiences on Developing Integrated Reporting
for Social Communications”
HostWorld Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative (WICI)
Supported by: The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and The Integrated Reporting Council
Sponsored by:Grant Thornton Tokyo LLC, KPMG AZSA  LLC, PwC Arata LLC, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Edge International INC., DENTSU INC., TOPPAN PRINTING Co., Ltd, Value Create Inc., ICMG Co., Ltd. and others
DateNovember 30, 2018 (Friday)
VenueOkuma Auditorium of WASEDA University
1-104 Totsuka-Machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 109-0071
Tel: 81 3-3203-9746
Link Woman of Morning Session: Ms. Emi NOSE( MD&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.)
9:30-9:35 Welcome & Opening Remarks Prof. Masahiko KON (Chairperson WICI, WASEDA Univ., Vice President of 3M Japan)
9:35-9:45 Congratulatory Speech Mr. Jun KAZEKI(Deputy Director-General, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau、METI)

Keynote Speech: “Progress toward Developing Japanese Style SDGs”

Mr. Tokutaro NAKAI(General Environment Policy Officer, Ministry of Environment)

The Japanese government has employed SDGs as a pillar of national policy development which was unanimously adopted at the UN General Assembly in 2015. In deploying SDGs, it is not enough to passively act as "translating into a literal translation into Japanese". Based on its basic spirit, it is asked to tackle it with affinity with social values that have supported Japan. As a representative effort, there is a project of "Supporting and Connecting Forest, Village, River and Sea" that the Ministry of Environment has advocated prior to the adoption of SDGs. Everyone who lives in the community begins from the question of how to tackle SDGs with each one by themselves in the connection of regional links.


VUDEO Message: “Our Activities and How to Contribute WICI”/Mr. Mario ABELA (Director, Redefining Value, WBCSD)


Session 1:
How to Communicate Intangibles (value creation factor) of Startup and Early Stage Business Entities

Under the maturing Japanese economy, the social role of entrepreneurs has been increasingly crucial and hugely recognized. For either founding managers or supporting management, the every stage of corporate development from entrepreneurs to solid status as socially recognized institution entails the engine to communicate with internal and external stakeholders for the planning of business strategy and its implementation to create intrinsic value of each institution. Repeating and lasting communications help management find potential, yet unidentified, management resources to create business opportunities while lead to reflexes in formulating pre-emptive strategies to cope with changes in the climate surrounding corporate management. To promote expected communications, this session encompasses the method to evolve our expertise in “Small Business Intellectual Property Management Report” into integrated reporting.

ModeratorProf. Tadashi TAKIGUCHI (Professor of WASEDA Univ. President of WERU Investment Co. Ltd.)
Panelists Mr. Hideyuki AKASHI(CEO, MEDCARE, Inc)
Mr. Masaki ISHIDA (President of A.I. Squared, Inc.)
Mr. Tomoaki SATO (CEO, Startbase Co. )
Prof. Shuichi Matsuda (Professor Emeritus of WASEDA Univ.)

Session 2:
Business Developments through Open Innovation Provided by Future Center

In the 21st century, many of Japanese big business enterprises have developed their success model of the 20th century globally to lead to the next growth. However, as they begin to feel the structural changes in the business environment both inside and outside, it is forced to seek "What next will be done after globalization?" In the 2010s many people have been heard say "open innovation is the key". We will consider the possibilities of the Future Center activities from Europe that have been advocating business development by open innovation from the earliest while introducing the latest examples which are starting to concretely be learning from the development of the advanced.

ModeratorDr. Satoshi FUNAHASHI (CEO/KIFU Business Research Laboratory)
Panelists Dr. Hitoshi FUNAHASHI (President, ICMG Co. Ltd.)
Mr. Daisuke ASANO (Director, Service Affairs Policy Division and Education Industries Office,
Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI)
Mr.Atem S RAMSUNDERSINGH (CEO, WEnergy Global Pte Ltd)
Mr. Hiroshi OKAMOTO (Vice President/TEPCO Power Grid Incorporated)
Mr. Yoshiyuki KURE (Partner, Risk Digital Assurance, PwC Arata LLC)
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
Link Woman of Afternoon Session: Ms. Norie TAKAHASHI(KPMG Japan, WICI Global Secretariat, IIRC Japan Region Lead.)
6th WICI Japan Integrated Reporting Award Ceremony
・Comment from Chairman of the Panel on Judging the Award
Mr. Noriyuki MATSUSHIMA (Chief Advisor/Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd.),
・WICI Integrated Reporting Award Ceremony
“The Best Integrated Reporting Grand Prize” :MD&AD Insurance Group Holdings,Inc.
“The Excellent Integrated Reporting Prize” : Ajinomoto Co. Inc., KONICA MINORUTA Inc., Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd., NSK Ltd.
“The Integrated Reporting Encouragement Prize”: SYSMEX Corporation, MARUI GROUP Co. Ltd.
・Comments from Some Members of Judging the Award
・Moderator : Prof. Masayoshi MIYANAGA(Chief Secretariat of the Panel of Judging the Award, Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science ),
・Judges :
Mr. Noriyuki MATSUSHIMA (Chief Advisor/Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd.),
Mr. Hidemi TOMITA (Director, Lloyd's Register Japan Co. Ltd.),
Ms. Mariko KAWAI(Daiwa Institute of Research Holdings)

Session 3: In the Age of SDGs, Developing the Best Way to Express the Value Creation Process in the Integrated Reporting

In the context of SDGs, each company should be concerned with respective goals among 17 goals---defined under “Sustainable Development Goals” by the UN as a de facto standard, and set objectives to make contribution to the society. Now is the time for organizations to promote the management based on integrated reporting by maintaining communications with internal and external stakeholders and clarifying the prioritized activities in integrated reporting while enhancing communications with stakeholders to materialize the individual activities in value creation in the light of environments surrounding business management.

Moderator Mr. Hisao KUMAKURA(3M Japan)
Panelists Mr. Masahiro NISHINA (Counselor for Industrial Competitiveness, Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy headquarters, Cabinet Office)
Prof. Kazunori ITO (College of Commerce, SENSHU Univ.)
Mr. Yasuaki HIGASHITANI (Business Promoting Dept, HONDA Motor Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Satoshi ANDO(Director, OMRON Co., Ltd.)

Session 4: Progressive Value Creation through Development from CSR / ESG Viewpoint to SDGs Perspective

For each of E · S · G, it is not a matter to cut them out one by one and work independently. With regard to each issue, it is nothing other than becoming a meaningful effort for the first time, being clearly positioned in the enterprise value creation process, in association with the business activities that run and the strengths of the organizations that support it. The same goes for the United Nations' efforts towards "sustainable development targets (SDGs)" now becoming common language of the world. There are things that companies should clarify before they can challenge tasks in cooperation with their stakeholders. The organization itself and its stakeholders will clarify issues to be sorted out, such as "how the value creation process of the organization is captured", "what is the outcome affecting the organization's value formation", and share it socially which is urgent task to set up a mechanism

Moderator Mr. Hidemi Tomita (Director, Lloyd's Register Japan Co. Ltd.)
Panelists Mr. Minoru MATSUBARA(Chief Manager,Asset Management Division,Responsible Investment Group /Resona Bank, Ltd.-TBF)
Mr. Jean-Philippe DESMARTIN(WICI Europe, Head of Responsible Investment/Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management)
Ms.Asthildur HJALTADOTTIR(Director Regions and Programs Implementation/ GRI)
Mr.Hiromasa NIINAYA(KPMG Japan Integrated Reporting Center of Excellence Partner)

Final Session: How to Make Use of the Value Creation Story for the Realization of SDGs

Until now WICI has accumulated considerable results in endeavoring and disseminating Integrated Reporting while holding hands with IIRC. Every time we have the opportunity to explain the importance of explaining the value creation process as a story. WICI has entered its 11th year of establishment, and the spread of Integrated Reporting that have been promoted has also been established in Japanese business society. In addition, this year we are showing a new development that the University of Tokyo will publish its integrated report. Under these circumstances, it is expected that the Integrated Reporting will further evolve through more substantial communication with stakeholders. For that reason, I think that it is possible to make an opportunity to think with each participant by listing the things each person should work on from now on.

Moderator Mr. Takayuki SUMITA (Secretary-General, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Office)
Panelists Prof. Leif EDVINSON (Lund Univ.- TBC)
Mr. Tokutaro NAKAI ( General Environment Policy Officer, Ministry of Environment)
Mr. Takayuki ASHIZU(Chief SHINTO Priest, MUNAKATA Shrine)
Ms. Shiho AOKI (Head Office of University Administration, TOKYO Univ.)
Jean-Philippe DESMARTIN氏 (WICI Europe, Head of Responsible Investment、Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management)
18:00-18:10Closing Remarks Prof. Yasuhito HANADO (Senior Adviser, WICI Japan)
18:30-20:00 Networking Dinner (RIHGA Royal HOTEL Tokyo)