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Join us for WICI Symposium 2018 at the Okuma Auditorium of WASEDA University, Tokyo, Japan.

Since 1990s the US, European countries, and Japan have been respectively exploring initiatives on innovative activities to rightly report the value creation beyond the scope of conventional financial reporting. Through these efforts by relevant parties to disclose value creation stories to share with stakeholders exploiting respective common platform to feature regional circumstance, “Enhanced Business Reporting Council-EBRC” from the US, “European Federation of Financial Analyst Societies-EFFAS”、also University of Ferrara from Europe, and the “Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry-METI”, together with the Intellectual Capital Society of WASEDA University from Japan convened at the headquarters of OECD in Paris and jointly established the World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative in November 2007.

Then WICI initiated to integrate “Improved Business Reporting Framework (ver. 2.0)” by EBRC and “Disclosure Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry into “WICI Business Reporting Framework”. This calls for three principles from companies: (i) expressing value creation story of each company, (ii) the proposition of business model based on business cycle and its time-span of the company, and (iii) providing respective financial and non-financial data including KPIs with forward-looking information. Ever since WICI has hosted WICI symposium in Tokyo late in every autumn starting from 2008 to promote dissemination and education activities on these corporate disclosures and this year marks the eleventh symposium.

Further, WICI has been stepping up efforts to introduce initiatives through activities such as the participation of the round table discussion by the members mostly from Europe, including relevant parties the world over, to require companies to report activities in ESG, which has become recognized as fundamental factors to support the sustainability of industrial society, as well as the participation of the international conference to report the process of value creation reflecting the preparation to the framework to comprehensively capture the intangibles as the resource of value creation on financial and non-financial data. As results of activities, “Accounting for Sustainability Project” prepared and supported by Mr. Paul Druckman and Price Charles in Britain, respectively, has been established, leading to the formation of International Integrated Reporting Committee, with supporting entities “IFAC” and “GRI” in 2011. WICI has been committed to the full-scale cooperation by providing human resources to draw up the draft of “International Integrated Reporting Framework” proposed by IIRC and concluded mutual cooperation agreement with IIRC, becoming the member of its current council.

We are hosting “2018 WICI symposium” on Friday November 30, 2018 as the eleventh session at Okuma Auditorium of WASEDA University. The symposium aims to offer opportunities to look back at the achievements by WICI during 10 years and explore further agendas through discussions among presenters and participants. In other words, in the light of the situation where reportedly, at least over 400 hundred listed companies make public integrated report, we consider the symposium as an opportunity to ensure the strategy for companies and organizations---focusing on relations with the society while confirming their raisons d'être, to further employ integrated reporting as the tools of communications with stakeholders to provide clear understandings of the value creation stories to enhance the processes for value creation.

We welcome you to join and enjoy the symposium.

November 1, 2018

Masahiko KON
World Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative

WICI Symposium 2018(11th Symposium)
“In the Age of SDGs,
Our Challenges to Exploit our Experiences on Developing Integrated Reporting
for Social Communications”
HostWorld Intellectual Capital/Assets Initiative (WICI)
Supported by: The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and The Integrated Reporting Council
Sponsored by:Grant Thornton Tokyo LLC, KPMG AZSA  LLC, PwC Arata LLC, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Edge International INC., DENTSU INC., TOPPAN PRINTING Co., Ltd, Value Create Inc., ICMG Co., Ltd. and others
DateNovember 30, 2018 (Friday)
VenueOkuma Auditorium of WASEDA University
1-104 Totsuka-Machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 109-0071
Tel: 81 3-3203-9746

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